handmade romance
9 lives

About me...
Hello my name is Evie. I live in Melbourne Australia with a sometimes-friendly white cat and my comedic fiancé.
I spend most of my spare time 'making stuff'. And on rainy days I love to bake, sampling the goods straight from the oven!

About my square...
My square for The Quilt Project, titled Nine Lives is embroidered by hand using mostly backstitch and a little running stitch. I am pretty new to embroidery and love the idea of creating an illustration in this medium. For my piece I drew nine cats doing various things they love. There is a little of me in each of them!
So, why cats? Simple. I like them.
And the title?
'Nine Lives' comes from the saying, 'A cat has nine lives'. I felt this was quite fitting to The Quilt Project, which inspired the use of this saying. Not only are many lives coming together, contributing a little piece of themselves to the one project but there is also the possibility each piece of quilt can take on many lives of it's own, beyond what the creator imagines. From concept, execution, Kirsty's quilt project and whatever lies thereafter!

Find me...
I'm often found meandering over here,
And can be randomly spotted here.


Kylie said...

Oh Evie, this is just fabulous! I really love it.. Those expressions and the amazing stitchery! Just beautiful :) K

Jonathan said...

Very fun! Of course the cat faces first caught my attention, but the details of their lives kept me looking to figure it out.

Gina said...

Truly gorgeous, so much personality in those cats and I love the composition.

Ammie said...

Squee! I love the kitties--their composition, their diversity, and expressions. This is a warm and celebratory block. I <3 it!