Jeana Marie

Jeana Marie

dancing dress

Jeana Marie Blackert
Geelong, Australia

About me…

I am a wife to one, mum of two lovely girls, student, textile artist, liver and lover of life. I am most inspired by the beauty and joy of God’s creation, motherhood and forgiveness. You can catch fragments of my art and life in words and photos at my blog

About my square...

she swirled from one corner and across the floor carefree, in and out of time with the music arms around the one she loved in a red, red dress. Later they were married and the dancing morphed into to the fine art of living one’s life day by day; children, routines, struggling to enjoy the moment, arms still round each other, deepening and moving fast as ever...
Such were my thoughts whilst creating my square “dancing dress.”
Hand and free machine embroidery over silk fabric (dupion and hand-dyed georgette), cotton thread. And I must confess to using just a touch of pink, not to be cheeky but for the benefit of a somewhat dull red thread.

You can see more about how I planned my design here.

Find me...

on etsy where I have a little shop.


Kirsty said...

I didn't notice the pink & wish I'd inspected more closely. I love your square. It really shows the movement of the dance.

Jonathan said...

This is another one I'd like to see up close. I love dancing, and this dress moves so lightly.

Jeana Marie said...

Thank you both - I only realised there were comments here when a friend told me a few days ago! Really enjoyed making the square, very much.