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Sydney, Australia

About Me:
My crafty life is inspired by the creations of my Grandma, Sadie. My blog is a way to keep track of what ever craft takes my fancy.

My Mum always told me I should share my toys, so I took her on her word and in 2008 I created The Toy Society and started leaving handmade toys in public places as gifts for observant strangers.

About my square:
I love Redwork! I did some christmas redwork in 2007 using just a running stitch and thoroughly enjoyed the simple hand stitching. For my square I wanted to enjoy that simple repetitive stitching. I also wanted to express something simple that is so often displayed so generously within the craft community - the act of giving without the expectation of receiving something in return.

Stitched using 2 strands of embridery thread and running stitch.

Find me...
at Sadie & Lance
or The Toy Society


CurlyPops said...

Such a wonderful sentiment and one of my favourite blocks

Jonathan said...

I just looked at the toy society page. It looks wonderful and like you try to live by the sentiment in your quilt square. Thanks.

Bianca said...

Thanks Guys!

I forgot to add that my square also has a grid sewn in behind the stitching.

Ammie said...

This sentiment so perfectly resonates with your toy society! Both are beautiful. I also love how your square calls back to traditional redwork. It's lovely.