thunder road

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Making stuff keeps me happy. I like experimenting and trying new crafts.
Sometimes i write about it on my blog.

About my square...

Initially, my red work square was daunting: too many ideas. I finally settled on an old children's illustration which i enlarged and edited into my own design.

After some pratice runs i decided on using single strands for the finer detail (hair/wood grain) and 2 strands for some definition of line. I even managed some french knots and i was very happy with the end result and to have actually finished it!

I've loved being part of this project. Being new to redwork, i discovered it to be a gentle meditative occupation, easy to pickup/stitch in amongst the daily grind. Seeing everyones ideas and designs develop has been fun also, knowing how tricky and painstaking it has been. So much thought and creativity has gone into these projects

And a big shout out to Kirsty for bringing the redwork quilt together.

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Kirsty said...

Just absolutely beautiful Jane. I love your square. The detail is incredible.

humphrey.b.bear said...

Jane, your square is truly inspiring - the perfect piece in a impressive project.

Jonathan said...

Beautiful textures in all of it. I especially like the wood and hair.