Jess B

Jessica B

button beauty

Canberra, Australia

About me...
I am a wife, and a mother, a carer and a crafter. I love learning new things.

I write at buttonbeauty, where I explore my creativity, rant a bit, record tales of my 2 kids, visit local op-shops and love to try new crafts.

About my square...
My square is minimalist and stitched by hand. I used a Japanese embroidery thread. I am known as ‘Just Jess’ so embroidered a ‘J’ using some Celtic knot styles. I was aiming for simple, as per the traditional red work techniques. As always, I went with the adage: ‘less is more’. It takes a bit of courage to put your work out there for critique, and this has been quite a challenge for me.

Find me...
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Laura said...

I LOOOOVE your monogram. It is a standout - your stitching is perfect, the design is flawless. You needn't be a bit anxious about the critics!

Jonathan said...

I agree completely with Laura!