Jessica H

Jessica H

a life so peachy
golly gosh

Sydney, Australia

About me...
Office worker by day, crafter by night.

I am always making things and am constantly inspired by the beautiful things around me.

About my square...
I jumped into the quilt project on a whim and I am so glad I did! In the beginning I had lots of ideas; words, a nude, a chair were among the top contenders. I decided words would be me but didn't want to do just any old words.

I searched for inspiration and found it in some heirloom tablecloths and doilies, flickr, fairy bread and wanting to do something 'different' and non-traditional. In negative seemed like a fun idea; random single stitches creating the outline of the words, starting small and getting bigger and more spaced out towards the edges.

In the beginning "oh golly gosh!" seemed like an appropriate quote in the context of the quilt. In the end, it summed up how I felt! I greatly underestimated the time that all those little stitches would take but I am so very happy with the finished piece and that I have been a part of this wonderful project.

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Kylie said...

I love it! Such a fabulous idea and looks brilliant :) K

lisa stubbs said...

I love your square and how effective the background stitches are, brilliant!

Kirsty said...

Oh golly gosh is just so good! I love the seed stitching & the negative space & just the whole thing really. Good on you Jess.

Laura said...

Such a grand and original idea! I'd love to be your neighbor and get to chat with you often. This piece is wonderful. (if I could ever remember HTML tagging, I'd throw in some italics and underlining)

Jonathan said...

When I first saw yours I thought, wow, that's a lot of work to create such a simple seeming image! I'm not at all surprised you underestimated the time it would take. Very nice.