Jessica N

Jessica N

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Melbourne, Australia

About me…
I’m a wife & a mamma to a special little girl . I'm an aspiring crafter who loves pretty things and creating special bits & pieces.

The birth of my baby inspired me to jump on the 'crafting bus'. There is so much to inspire a 'wanna-be ' crafter out there in blogland. Becoming a Brown Owls member helped emormously to fuel this passion. I have recently started my own blog/tumbler diary which mostly revolves around my baby, Nieve Fancy's, day to day happenings and also a little a about me and my crafting endevours. You can find me at miss fancy tumbles.

About my square…
My square is pretty much 'a moment in time'. Miss Fancy had just learnt / sung her first song 'Hee Dee Hee Di Ho' hence elephants were the flavour of the month in our house! The square was embroidered by hand using 2 strands of embroidery floss. It includes chain stitch, back stitch, stem stitch & satin stitch. Many of these stitches were a first attempt at embroidery for me so the square was an education in itself!

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Kirsty said...

Your stitches are so beautiful Jess. I love that this square so wonderfully represents where you are right at this moment with your sweet babe.

Jonathan Cannon said...

Your stitching IS beautiful. Hope you've done more in the last years.