goddess jodi

Melbourne, Australia

About me…
I'm a busy Mum to three small babes, wife to one gorgeous man, work-at-home Mum with a small business and wanna be photographer.

I like to bake cupcakes, sew, scrapbook, - I blog here.

About my square…
I choose a chandlier, because it reminds me of the gorgeous one I want to buy for my dining room and the not-so-gorgeous ones I currently have in my lounge room. It was embroidered using running stitch, satin stich, french knots and is the first time I have finished an embroidery since highschool!

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trasha said...

Your chandelier is divine. Every girl needs a little glamour in her life I say.

Ammie said...

Oh, this is beautiful. Your stitching looks superb. Thanks for sharing this peek of chic!