two pink possums

Tasmania, Australia

About me...
I am wife to an Architect and mother to two adorable girls age 10 and 17

I love to create work in 2D and in 3D. My blog is a journal of things I love to create and love to collect.

I sew, stitch and make mixed media pieces. I knit a little and am always learning to crochet.

I love to find old things, that after a good clean I can breath new life into and use. For example crockery and linens.
I collect buttons, vintage Tupperware, Pyrex and teacups.

About my square...
My Square is inspired by my love of whimsy, fairies, owls, fairytales and the wee folk. I wanted to have The Quilt Project itself incorporated into my Square.
I decided upon owls as the wee folk with their own little quilt hanging out to dry.
My pattern is available for free here.

Thank you to Kirsty for arranging such a special community project.

Find me...
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Jonathan said...

Beautifully whimsical. I love the little texture changes scattered around the design.

Ammie said...

OH, I love those X owl eyes and the little buds or fronds at the base of the toadstools. This is so charming!