The middle

Once all the squares were posted we all worked on our individual squares.

We carefully planned our designs & then began working in red. It was wonderful to imagine those 65 other people tracing, stitching, machining, crochetting & printing their own squares.

Red Mountain

As the squares arrived they were carefully unwrapped & piled one on top of the other. I was hoping to eliminate the need for ironing (no such luck).

The Red Tree by Kelly Mitchell

I waited (and waited) for a nice bright Melbourne day. True to form Melbourne just served gloomy day after gloomy day. So one very grey day 48 of the squares were pressed and photographed. When the last of the squares were all in I took more photographs (no surprises...still grey in Melbourne)!

Then the real work began. All the images were cropped, resized and uploaded to Flickr. Each participant was asked to provide a little blurb about themselves to accompany their page on the site.

My Creative Space Thumbnails

The placement of the squares in the quilt was a huge challenge. Hours were spent with little thumbnail images pushing them around the table and finally a "just do it" decision was made. The pile was dragged out onto the kitchen table and I just began sewing. One elephant had to be relocated as they randomly appeared one on top of the other.

The Quilt Project

Once the real quilt was stitched the digital quilt and The Quilt Project site was created.

I hope, in the end that The Quilt is something that all the redworkers are enormously proud to be a part of. Together we've made something really special.

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