unpicking is the pits


About me...
My name is Peta-Jane.
Married, 2 children, one dog.
I ramble on with crafty bits and other daily dribble at unpicking is the pits.

Thanks to my 4 year old, I seem to spend more time crafting with playdough , glitter gel and finger paints than I do with my needle, thread and fabric !

About my square...
My block design for the Quilt Project is my attempt at making light of my distaste for windy days. Windy days always mean bad hair days !
This block is my first “stitchery” don’t look to closely !!

I am a late bloomer in the world of craft and sewing. I discovered quilting 10 years ago. Since then, I have found a world of inspiration and crafty community in blogland which has lead me to try my hand at various projects. I hate unpicking but have learnt that it can be a necessary evil rather than live with a glaring mistake ...and I have made a few of those along the way.

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Jonathan said...

It's wonderful bad hair! I love the idea of being blown with the wind.

Laura said...

I am 'blown away' by your skill - this can't really be the work of a newbie! your picture is just charming - I love the shoe falling away in the wind. Your fabric placement on the kite is excellent!

Ammie said...

Oh, I love the windy hair and the lost slipper. So sweet! I also love the girl's beautiful face. Huzzah!