self portrait

Alison Bancroft
Milton Keynes, UK

About me…
I have 3 Children and 3 Grandchildren. Nothing makes me more happy than having my family around me. I have been a crafter for many years after being brought up by my parents who would have a go at making something before buying. They were years ahead of their time with recycling and reusing. I love nothing more than to be crafting or fiddling around with something technological.

I found out about The Quilt Project through blogging, I am a relatively new blogger, but just love sharing my efforts at crafting and a few bits here and there about my family who I love. I enjoy the way people are prepared to share things that are so dear to them and they entrust us with this information. The friendships I have built in this short space of time have just bowled me over, I am into friends and connections in a big way and this is fulfilled by blogging.

About my square…
I took a long time to think about my square. I wanted it to say something about me, I wanted to find the essence of what I am about, I struggled with this as I have so many different sides to me I couldn’t settle on one thing! So in the end I ‘did’ me!
I took my blog avatar photograph and used that. You can see the process here.

I used my sewing machine to freehand embroider the result. I am quite new to this method but love how adaptable a method it is. I chose my red thread without any idea of an actual shade in mind. I meant to take the red thong along that was wrapped around the original parcel that arrived from kootoyou but of course forgot it. It would seem like an easy task to choose some red thread but once you get there and see all on offer it isn’t as easy as you would imagine. Every shade of red going!

I haven’t shared my pattern with anyone, not ‘cos I am a meanie, it’s just that if you were going to be sewing a portrait, lets face it, it wouldn’t be mine!

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Kylie said...

Oh Alison, this is just fantastic! You should do these for cash-ola - you'd make a mint! :) K

lisa stubbs said...

This is fantastic, I love! very clever & talented!

Kirsty said...

I love your self portrait & in the flesh...even more. Your accuracy with the double stitching is amazing.

Alison said...

Thank you for your kind comments. I would like to say I find it relaxing, I love doing it but find I hold my breath and tense up!!