no life without wife
crochet & applique square

New Caledonia

About me...
Hi I'm Angelique,
I'm a wife, a mum of twins and maybe a little immature for my age.
I am a permanent visitor to this tropical paradise, New Caledonia. I don't work here and spend a whole lot of time looking after my family and using any spare time crafting, reading and having coffee/lunches with my new found friends.

I have two blogs one about craft, family and general stuff-
no life without wife
and another about the greater beauty that is New Caledonia-
travelling in new caledonia

About my square...
When I started my square I only had one thing in mind and that was to put some crochet into it so that was where I started. I crocheted 1 big square and 4 smaller squares all of the same pattern. The rest evolved around these 5 pieces. There was no sketch or picture to follow, as I said it just evolved.

The things used were crochet cotton, embroidery thread and some new spotty fabric I had just received.

Find me...
on my blog OR
you can find me at flickr and I have recently opened myself up a wee shop.

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Kylie said...

So fabulous, Angelique! I love the crochet pieces :) K