Melbourne, Australia

About me…
I’m married to my high school sweetheart, mother to 1.5 children and 1 old lady dog, sometime teacher and recent convert to the world of craft.

I am generally quite a lazy person, and my enthusiasm for embroidery and more recently, crochet has quite surprised me. I've always got a project on the go and I love making things for other people.

I do share a blog with my sister which we started to share our projects with each other - I’m usually too self-conscious to tell people about it! It’s kind of small and homey. And that’s how we like it!

About my square…
I hand-embroidered my square with 2 skeins of floss. I outlined the koi in stem stitch and the rest is back stitch, with a bunch of french knots for the eye, as my satin stitch is dreadful.

My husband has collected several tattoos in the many years we’ve known each other. The koi is my favourite, it’s classic and beautifully rendered. I haven’t attempted to recreate the shading and depth in the real thing, but I think the linear quality of embroidery really shows what a great picture it is.

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Gina said...

This square is absolutely amazing Jess, I was admiring it lots last night at the QP hanging and hoping to meet the maker so sorry if you were there and I didn't get to! But it is just sublime, well done.

Laura said...

This takes my breath away - I love the classic style of this koi and your stitching is beautiful.

Jonathan said...

Again, Laura has made my comment before I got to the square. Lovely stitching and choice of lines to show the fish.