myrtle & eunice
no place like home

Melbourne, Australia

About me…
I am a mum, a wife, a designer, a recovering perfectionist, an over-my-head-with-addiction craftster

I make stuff because it’s food for this soul. I blog about the crafty and the steep learning curves, along with the comedy of errors that punctuate our family life with startling frequency.

About my square…
Embroidered by hand using anything with sparkle-arkle, as well as embroidery floss and a swish of silk/satin.

From the outset I was drawn to Dorothy and her red shoes. My embroidered versions are referenced from the original shoes worn by Judy Garland. Even though it’s never not a whirlwind at my place, there really is no place like home.

You can see more about how the design was created here.

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Kylie said...

Love your idea Tania! It's just gorgeous :) K

Anonymous said...

I loved all the blocks Tania, but yours was my favourite.

Well done to you, Kirsty and all the other ladies.


One Flew Over said...

My favourite block!

CurlyPops said...

This is just so beautiful... I want some ruby sparkly slippers too!

Jonathan said...

I loved the "high drama" of your creation, and the detail pics on your blog. The shoes are fabulous.

CraftyA said...

Tania - how spooky that we came up with the same theme. I love the way that you have captured all the elements of Dorothy's situation.


Ammie said...

This is a great block. The swirly, dreaminess and the sparkles wonderfully speak of the Wizard of Oz. I love it!