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Melbourne, Australia

About me…
I’m a crafty type who loves nothing more than a bit of stitching, painting, glueing, and cutting. If it’s crafty, then I’ll always give it a try.
I love op shopping, and recycling my thrifty finds into brand new creations.
I also spend far too much time on the internet!
I have a craft blog that you can find here: it’s mainly about my day to day craftiness, but I also include some of the happenings in my life.

About my square…
My square evolved from my current obsession with dismembering crochet tablecloths and doilies. I started by painting the crocheted circles red and then laid them onto the calico in a circle.
I immediately pictured a ferris wheel in my head….. and that’s how the design began.
Most of the materials that I used in my square were recycled or given to me. The red fabric paint was given to me when a friend moved interstate. I recycled the cord that was used to pack the original calico square. The embroidery floss came to me via Freecycle, and the sequins were given to me from a family member whose daughter used to participate in dancing lessons. The only new materials in my square were the sewing and embroidery cottons.
You can see more of my design in various stages here:

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Anonymous said...

i love your ferris wheel SO much...just gorgeous.!! Isnt this such a buzz!

Jonathan said...

Thanks for putting more pictures up on your blog of the displayed quilt. I would have loved to have been there!

Ammie said...

Oh, fantastic recycling project! That is quite inspirational. Also, I love the grass! I want to touch it.