all the world's a sway with the beck of the moom

Baltimore, Maryland, USA

About me…
I love to learn. Trivia, facts, or techniques, they all fascinate me. I write about what I do, see, read and generally want to share at chedderfish. You could say Chedderfish is my "masccot".

About my square…
I learned a lot about the effects of stitching with different amount of strands. I used mostly a running stitch but also a chain stitch.

I knew I wanted to use a moon in my design and I love the idea of how much the moon effects the world- from the tides to the general cycles of energy. The sketch just kind of fell into place.

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Jonathan said...

I like your rendition of the moon. I debated how to do mine for a long time, and it was fun to see another way. The stitch you chose for the waves works well, too.