tea time

Perth, Australia

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I'm a partner to a wonderful woman, mother to 3 fur kids, crafter and maker.I'm addicted to textiles and currently have an obssession with paper piecing.

About my square
My square was originally going to have screen printed "doily tea" but an incident with an iron and scorching led to a new design. Using 2 strands of Finca 1902 I've embroidered a running stitch tea cup and appliqued the teapot with blanket stitch. Quilting thread was used to attach the buttons and lace in the corner and the Finca to sew on the button tea.

The design evolved from thoughts of my childhood. Growing up there was a lot of family conflict but one of my positive memories was of my nana.
She had her own issues and an alcoholic, dimentia ridden husband, but she used to look after us on school holidays. She had a button tin. I LOVED that button tin and can remember often playing with it.

Consequently and I think subconsciously buttons are a constant in my crafting. The same nana always served strong tea from mismatched china and had a wooden dresser with doilies on it. She never had much but I remember these small things about her and her being so proud of myself and my sister.

You can see more about how the design was created here.

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Kylie said...

I love this! It's like a collage - so beautiful :) K

Jonathan said...

Thanks for sharing the story behind your piece. I like looking back at the square and seeing your story in it.

craftapalooza said...

Hey thanks Jonathan - I did have a moment of "eep did I want this out there".

Ammie said...

I like the story, too, and love the button tea drops cascading down the block.