totally innocent

Melbourne Australia

About me...
I am a mumma of 3,a maker,a designer.I love all things handmade and mostly I love to create.Everyday if possible.
My business is totally innocent and we make and sell handmade childrens products.I also run the Yarraville Markets.
So I can have more handmade in my life.
I have 3 blogs which all get terribly neglected at times.Better them than my babies I think.
personal, work & the market.

About my square.....
My square is appliqued.I used a quilting foot and stitched free-form over my image.Most of my designs come from memories of my childhood, and things I loved to draw as a child.Elephants have always been a love of mine and this one just popped into my head as soon as I started to think red. I am not really a planner as such.I tend to go with whatever comes to me, and develop it from there.It is a risk, but it usually works out ok.

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Jo said...

Gorgeous. I just love it.

Anonymous said...

thanks Jo.X

Kirsty said...

Utterly amazed at how good you are with that quilting foot Lou. It's beautiful.

Jonathan Cannon said...

Years late, but this is delightful! I'd love to try some applique.