miau mau
lover's kerchief

London, England

About me...
Small cat like creature that hails from Portugal and since childhood has been knee deep in old fabrics and handmade toys. Discovered how to animate at 14 and followed a dream all the way to London.
Lost her ways for awhile, but was saved by a bear's love and a renewed obsession for softies.
Can be found working here, doing this kind of stuff or ranting away here.

About my square...
My square was based on a Lover's kerchief, which was a traditional present made by a girl to give to her boyfriend as a "forget-me-not". Part of their charm is their atrocious spelling and grammar mistakes, they also have a very particular look, that usually includes birds, keys, hearts and flowers. Nowadays, they are very rare and sell for a lot of money.
I didn't go as far as the spelling mistakes, but I did choose a traditional verse:
Se o Amor tivesse asas (If Love had wings)
Voava que nem um passarinho (It would fly like a little bird)
Entrava pela janela (It would come in through the window)
Para te dar um beijinho (to give you a kiss)
I blogged about it here.
If you want to make your own kerchief, feel free to use my pattern.

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Jonathan said...

Very elegant work. I enjoyed trying to translate the Portuguese before looking at its translation on your blog. I got about 3/4 of it, but couldn't quite guess at the whole meaning.